Why Reach

REACH stands for Recovery. Employment. Assistance. Courage. Hope.

Here’s why it matters to Island youth as you build your foundation to recovery.



Whether it’s addictions, mental well-being or other challenges that have been difficult to overcome, your recovery can look different from others.

Since 2013, REACH Foundation has been here for youth like you to ensure the next steps in their lifelong recovery are the right steps.

REACH focuses on your individual recovery, building a community of support, and creating a safe, healthy, inclusive environment that provides THE FOUNDATION you need to navigate forward.



We believe we learn best by doing and our hands-on training gives you the chance to build employment skills while working in one of our SHOPS. A central component of REACH Foundation is our social enterprise SHOPS where you can explore your potential, gain confidence, build essential skills and earn a wage.

The REACH team will also help you explore employment and career options and can offer job placements and other supported employment as part of our programming.



Our support team focuses on YOU: your obstacles, your goals, and building the foundational skills and self-confidence you need to heal, grow, and succeed.

Overcoming addictions or improving mental health isn’t a simple solution and no two recovery journeys are alike. REACH Foundation has integrated evidence-informed recovery-based strategies, essential skills, and hands-on experience to assist YOU.

Even after you complete our program, trust that you can always reach out to us. We are here to support the overall growth of a community focused on lifelong recovery support.



Take a moment to recognize you’ve already done the hard part. Your efforts to get better have already begun. You recognize that help is needed. To even reach this point, by taking these important steps in your journey, takes real courage.

Our counselling services, peer support, resources, and programs are designed to help empower courage.

REACH Foundation aims to provide you with the foundational tools, knowledge, and mindfulness to prepare you for life’s challenges.



Part of the definition of hope is “a feeling of trust” and “to expect positivity with confidence”.

Island youth hope someone will be there to help should they stumble along their path to recovery. Hope is knowing that REACH Foundation will not give up on you, and will continue to be there for you even after you complete our programs.

We have the trust in you that you’ll continue the positive steps towards longterm wellness. We hold out true hope and confidence that you CAN do this.

“The REACH Foundation has helped to increase my confidence by helping me accomplish my goals. It has taught me many valuable life skills such as patience, interpersonal skills, and the ability to adapt and succeed in any work environment”

Michaela Walsh  REACH participant

“What an amazing opportunity our son was given to get involved with REACH Foundation early in his recovery. This is a time when individuals are most vulnerable to relapse, overdose, or worse. As parents, we knew that he needed to fill his days with positive experiences if he was to achieve long-term recovery; REACH gave him just that.”

Rose & Mike Parents of REACH participant

“REACH Foundation offered a place of safety for our daughter to heal and welcomed her into an environment where she felt accepted and not stigmatized. She was provided the opportunity to interact with counsellors and other youth who are in their journey of recovery.”

Paula Guardian of REACH participant

“The support that I received every day at REACH is helping me to stay in recovery, while enjoying all that life has to offer.”

John, Aged 22  REACH participant