Other Programs

REACH Foundation is proud to offer additional programs as part of our ongoing support of Island youth and our communities.

Shuttle image

Employment Shuttle Program.

Our Employment Shuttle provides individuals with free transportation for employment or other appointments linked to securing employment. The service provides transportation in the short term to allow you to arrange permanent transportation.

The Employment Shuttle is wheelchair accessible, and accepts referrals made by qualified members of the following organizations:

  • Blooming House
  • Department of Social Development and Seniors
  • Primary Care
  • Provincial Addictions Treatment Facility
  • Stars for Life
  • The Adventure Group PEI
  • The REACH Foundation

If an individual requires short-term transportation and is a client of one of the above organizations, a referral for shuttle access can be requested on their behalf. Additionally, if you represent an organization not listed but believe that a partnership with us for shuttle access would be a fit, please contact us.

Re-cycle Bike image

Re-cycle Bike.

REACH Foundation wants to help all Islanders have access to active transportation and remove barriers to physical activity.

REACH refurbishes used bikes and offers them for sale to anyone in the community. The proceeds of this support our bike subsidy program that provides bikes at low or not cost to people who cannot afford to pay full price.

If you have a bike to donate, contact us here.

Come into our shop to check our bikes for sale and if you need help in purchasing a bike, apply for our subsidy here.

“REACH Foundation offered a place of safety for our daughter to heal and welcomed her into an environment where she felt accepted and not stigmatized. She was provided the opportunity to interact with counsellors and other youth who are in their journey of recovery.”

Paula Guardian of REACH participant

“The REACH Foundation has helped to increase my confidence by helping me accomplish my goals. It has taught me many valuable life skills such as patience, interpersonal skills, and the ability to adapt and succeed in any work environment”

Michaela Walsh  REACH participant

“What an amazing opportunity our son was given to get involved with REACH Foundation early in his recovery. This is a time when individuals are most vulnerable to relapse, overdose, or worse. As parents, we knew that he needed to fill his days with positive experiences if he was to achieve long-term recovery; REACH gave him just that.”

Rose & Mike Parents of REACH participant

“The support that I received every day at REACH is helping me to stay in recovery, while enjoying all that life has to offer.”

John, Aged 22  REACH participant